How can workonomic help you

As a freelancer, you can't charge for the time you don't track. And you can't improve what you don't measure!


Get started


You signup using your email. If you want to use the chat bot, which is currently very recommended, use an email address that you can use with GTalk (Google talk).

Connect to Google Hangouts (ex. Google Talk) robot

After signup you'll get an invite on your Gmail/Hangouts account from our chat bot (raboto323 - 'raboto uno). Accept it and say "Hi" to it. If it replies "Hello" it works.

Optionally install a Chrome plugin

Install our plugin for Google Chrome. With it, you'll always be able to contact your chat bot directly from you browser. After instalation right click it and select "Options" and copy in your API key from your "Settings" page. You get the API key after you enable "API access".

Create a client and a project

Login to the webapp and create few clients and projects for them, so you see what options they have. Then go to the chat bot, ask it to list your projects and start tracking!

Example session

First you check out which projects you have. Then you create a new project and start tracking time for it. At some point you pause the tracker while you go for a meal. You continue when you get back and stop at the end (realizing it 10 minutes later).

For all examples: You don't have to use these exact words at all! Anything simple that makes sense should work, at least with time.

Demonstration video

This is a quick video demonstration. Please set Quality to at least 480p (the gear icon on video player).

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