A personal Time Tracking tool you can use through Chat!

For freelancers and other pros who want to track billable time efficiently.

fast and lean web-app

Do you like filling out forms when you should be working? Try using a natural language: "started ABC at 2pm", "note: fixed the bugs", "stopped 5 mins ago"

one way, out of many, to track time - through Gmail chat


Web interfacewhere you overview and organize your work, look at stats...
Google Hangouts, FB & Chrome Extension chat botsto quickly track your work, notes, memos in realtime
Command-line & Emacs clientsfor people that love the terminal and easy automation
Word timeline & notesthis is your main screen online
Memos, reminders, deadlinesto not forget or miss out stuff
Pings, pomodoro, goalskeeps you focused and honest
analyze what/when/how you work

Workonomic is not just a time tracker. Please check out examples and instructions to see what it's all about.